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Tutorial is the sixth episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 29, 2019.


I didn’t lock my door that night.
It makes it so much easier to catch my prey.


Karine is an online makeup personality who teaches her fans to apply cosmetics. Her boyfriend, Shawn, convinced an intruder named Jason to break into her house after ringing the doorbell below, intending to prank her. Although Karine searches around when she hears odd noises, she doesn't find anything and simply returns to her audience until he killed the power in her house. When she leaves to deal with it, he finds what he thinks to be Shawn's corpse underneath her bed, and panics, trying to flee the house.

However, it's soon revealed that Karine baited the intruder inside to capture him. She incapacitates him and rips off a strip of his stomach's thicker skin, using it as "materials". Jason eventually wakes up and knocks Karine out, attempting to flee, but the corpse of Shawn suddenly gets up and knocks him out again, having pretended to be unconscious. Karine then finishes a flesh mask from Jason's stomach and puts it on, acting silly with her boyfriend on camera, before bidding her audience goodbye.