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Tran is a manicurist who appears in "Essence".


Tran works at Kora's upscale beauty salon, living in on-premises housing, slowly collecting enough money in the hopes of opening her own salon that treats workers fairly. One day she's assigned a new roommate, Mina, who she quickly takes under her arm and becomes friends with. At Mina's questioning, Tran explains that workers regularly develop skin problems due to the chemicals in the salon, and grow sick with burnout. She herself hopes to do enough work and make enough money to leave before that happens.

Unfortunately, Tran collapses before she can reach her goal, and her cubby is cleared out, presumably being fired. She resents that the salon doesn't take better care of its workers and seems to be so reluctant to pay them. However, she and Mina deduce that the VIP product might be making them sick, so Mina goes to discover the truth of the matter, with Tran collapsing in ill-health before she can do anything herself. The next day, now revivified thanks to a strange cure Kora gave her, Tran is offered a 15% raise to return to the salon, which she begrudgingly accepts.

However, as soon as Kora leaves, Tran checks her phone and realizes, from Mina's messages, that Kora has been using her workers to develop her VIP product and to sustain her own youth. Tran then takes over the salon, having captured Kora and leaving her prisoner in the back, constantly drained of her own essence to sustain the salon's VIP product.