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Squirm is the second episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 8, 2019.


I felt my skin crawl.
Then I saw the head of the worm push through.


This episode centers around Keisha, who is forced to take tape worm eggs while unconscious. The episode begins with Keisha at an office party with her friend Sanjay and her other co-workers. She drinks too much and soon passes out, waking up at her home. She feels uneasy, and finds a mysterious note saying that something was left inside her. She panics, and when she can't find anything, she visits a doctor and has a rape kit taken, but returns nothing.

The next several days she lives in a state of shock and self-loathing, performing poorly at work, but eventually she begins to put her life back together. However, she soon finds yet another note, asking if she's found "it" yet. Going into a panic attack, she begins hallucinating worms in her trash can, coming out of her arm, and out of her mouth. Shell-shocked, the next day Sanjay talks to her about being transferred to a new job he landed, and asks her out to dinner since he'll miss her friendship. However, she panics when he puts his hand on her arm and screams for him to let her go, scratching his face and physically assaulting him in response.


Keisha is brought in by Doug to discuss her work performance and her violent assault, and although he's sympathetic to her situation, his mannerisms quickly evoke suspicion. When he leaves to get her a tissue, she finds a tape worm egg container and adds them to his coffee. Shortly after, while interviewing Sanjay's replacement, he has to leave early and defecate worms. When he returns, he pulls a worm out of his eye, and several women turn simultaneously to watch his suffering, implying that they were all his victims.