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Sheriff Stone, or simply the Sheriff, was a vicious killer from Cain's End who is portrayed by a re-enactor in the modern day. He appears in "Manifest Destiny".

"Manifest Destiny"[]

The original Sheriff Stone was the father of Claire, a daughter who made a false rape accusation against a local native in order to deflect from her premarital activities. Believing this wholeheartedly, Sheriff Stone flew into a blood rage. Everyone who stood in the way of his vengeance, including the town preacher and any other dissenters, he executed. He then laid waste to the local tribes, massacring them.

His re-enactor played the part of a historically revisionist sequence of events. In this alternate version of history, his daughter legitimately fell in love with a native and Sheriff Stone chased after him, intending to kill the "savage" rather than let him wed his daughter. However, when his daughter stands before him, shielding her native lover with her own body, Sheriff Stone puts away his gun and clasps arms with the native in friendship, permitting the marriage.

Nothing but a savage.— Sheriff Stone in Walks Upon Earth's mind

While this fake story was widely purveyed, one day a genuine native, Walks Upon Earth, accidentally cuts his hand on Sheriff Stone's grave stone, bloodying it. This awakens the spirit of the real Sheriff Stone, who promptly possesses the re-enactor Sheriff and begins repeating the real history. Zeroing in on the re-enactor of the preacher, the angry spirit of Stone declares him to be a traitor, and soon hangs him in the nave of the church.

Assuming telepathic command of the re-enactors playing non-native characters, he directs them all to slaughter the "natives", the white re-enactors of native characters, along with Claire, Chad, Rosalie, and Walks Upon Earth. Hunting them, he eventually comes across Walks Upon Earth himself, and the two duel. Although Stone initially has the upper hand, he is ultimately incapacitated. However, he is spared when Walks Upon Earth resumes command of himself, throwing off the compulsion to kill him.

At length the Sheriff comes to, staggering upright and summoning more men to himself, hunting for his enemy. After some time searching futilely, Walks Upon Earth shoves Rosalie out for him to see and taunts him to come get his daughter. Rosalie, being possessed by the spirit of Claire, screams out for her daddy to save her. Instantly recognizing Rosalie as his daughter, Sheriff Stone charges forth in a blood rage, flanked by his lynch mob, as they try to kill Walks Upon Earth. Just before they can however, he steps outside the boundaries of the town, and the mob is slammed back, unable to leave with the original artifacts of the town. The crowd stands in a rage, screaming at him, while he simply turns away, out of reach.