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Scion is the fifth episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 22, 2019.


I shook her hand, sealing the deal.
The Devil smiled, promising me the world.


Noah Ingram and Issac are sitting alone in the park, dreaming of the future, when suddenly a jogger barges through them in the middle of a kiss. Noah is enraged by this and taunts him, so the jogger feints briefly toward him, causing Noah to collapse onto the ground. The jogger then walks away laughing, ignoring Noah's taunts to "do it again". Soon enough, Noah's health breaks from the stress and he collapses, forcing Issac to get medical help for him.

Jacob, who refused Lucie's gift

Noah's parents send him to a high-class medical facility that they support to stay as an in-patient. Their chemotherapy is quite aggressive, so Noah soon slips into a fog of memory, with time skipping forward between bouts of awareness. Although at the beginning his parents gave him their support, as did Issac, Noah's first night are plagued with dreams of cults and when he wakes to try to call, he sees the janitor Jacob smashing a broom into his head.

The next day sees further deterioration. Although he meets Izzy, who becomes a friend of sorts, he's plagued by a hallucination of Dr. Lucie breaking his leg, prompting him to wake up vomiting. After this, time becomes even further degraded, skipping between visits with his parents, Izzy, yellow fingernails suddenly seen on his hands, and eventually time skips to him and Izzy breaking into Dr. Lucie's office. There, Noah finds a satanic book, but Izzy soon has a seizure and he calls for help.

Time skips forward again to him accusing Dr. Lucie in front of his parents, but she writes off the book as academic, a medieval medical manual. After another skip where he cuts his fingernails with scissors, time skips again to a talk with his parents, who urge him to dive into the treatment to defeat the cancer, and that "emotions are the enemy of strength". Issac is also brought in, who also encourages him to defeat the cancer, but offers to "rescue" him anytime he wants.

Devil Lucie

Time disjoints ever fuller as he continues the treatment, and during one brief moment of cognizance, he notices a ritual where Izzy is strapped to a table surrounded by many robed cultists. He later confronts Dr. Lucie about this, and when she doesn't provide any real answers, he throws a tantrum and discovers a pentagram beneath his bed. He calls Issac to rescue him, but he soon collapses, and Izzy collects him. He then awakens on the same table Izzy himself was strapped to, surrounded by robed cultists of which his own parents are members. His parents and Dr. Lucie urge him to take Dr. Lucie's child, to be possessed, as part of his family's deal to receive extreme wealth in exchange for a child on ocasion.

Izzy himself also encourages this, showing how healthy he has become now. At length, after being offered the power to protect Issac, Noah accepts Dr. Lucie's deal. He's released from the medical center in a fine suit, the picture of health. When Issac arrives however, Noah breaks off their relationship, rebuffing Issac's attempts to change his mind. He then rejoins his parents, and looks back, now revealing insectoid eyes like Dr. Lucie's.