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Rosalie is a journalist and podcast host. She appears in "Manifest Destiny".

"Manifest Destiny"[]

Rosalie hosts The Nostalgists Podcast, desiring to dig into the dark depths of history for her calling as a journalist. However, her boyfriend Jeremy is always reluctant to reveal his native culture with her. Hoping to prompt him, she learned of a massacre that occurred in Cain's End, and so brought her podcast — and Jeremy — to that town where a historically revisionist re-enactment was happening, hoping that the truth would break on him and that he would at last open up.

Once there, things go horrifically wrong when the enchanted original artifacts of the town possess the re-enactors, forcing them to repeat history: the real history, the massacre, not the revisionist marriage. Jeremy himself ends up possessed and nearly attacks her, so she flees, but eventually he manages to defeat the compulsion of the enchantment and to return to her. They prepare to leave, but the artifacts are spelled and cannot leave the area. Everyone else discards their artifacts, but still Rosalie cannot leave.

As it turns out, she has refused to abandon Sheriff Stone's 1883 journal. Jeremy gets ahold of it and finds her own handwriting in the margins, realizing her plan to break the horrific reality of the past onto his head to get him to open up. She justifies herself, saying that she is a journalist, and that she was only trying to help him be more than "just an Indian". For this, he puts the enchanted veil of the girl who falsely accused an Indian of rape hundreds of years ago and started the whole massacre, onto Rosalie's head. She's then enchanted, becoming that girl, screaming for her daddy to protect her and to kill Jeremy.