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Only Child is the seventh episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on September 5, 2019.


My grandson got his big, beautiful smile from me.
It never wavers on his face as he watches me die.


The episode opens with Desi, a doddering old woman, running after Rex, seemingly trying to attack him as he calls out to his unhearing parents.

Time resets to Desi building a shrine to keep away evil. Rex watches this, and eventually comments that his parents think she's crazy because she saw her mother killed in Haiti by a dictator. She's shocked that they would tell a child this, but when she turns to him, he's vanished. Later, he surprises her by taking pictures invasively, blinding her with the flash, and then grabs her face and forces her to smile despite her protestations. Desi, who's had enough, then beats his behind, only for his parents to come in at the exact moment to berate Desi:

Rex just isn’t accustomed to so much resistance. We try to keep our interactions really positive and we don’t use the No word.Emily

Later that night, Rex touches Desi's talisman as she sleeps, the one she claimed would ward away evil, and is burned by it. He flees, and Desi wakens, going to see her family sleep. Watching John and Emily sleep with Rex between them, Rex suddenly sits up and stares at Desi with insectoid eyes, terrifying her into retreating. The next day Desi researches eyes, but finds Rex destroying her shrine. She complains to John, but Rex lies that Desi let him smoke cigarettes, so John ignores her complaints and accuses her of interfering in their parenthood.

They later apologize to Desi, and insist that Desi come to receive a gift from Rex as an apology. Sitting before him, he does a presentation on her home country, Haiti, but soon starts to praise Papa Doc Duvalier and taunts her over her mother being killed. He then claims that he is like Duvalier, controlling his parents, and he dismisses them. At this point Desi goes after Rex like in the beginning of the episode, applying the talisman to him in an attempt to banish the demon possessing him.

Unfortunately for Desi, she's prevented from doing so by John and Emily, who shove her outside without her inhaler and lock the door. After her exertions, she begins to have an asthma attack, but they leave her locked outside and watch her as she suffocates to death.


  • Sharon Hope as Desi
  • Pepper Binkley as Emily
  • Guy Lockard as John
  • Jaiden Smith as Rex