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Little Monsters is the final episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on September 12, 2019.


I hear my mom yell at me to come for dinner.
As I head out my door, she grabs my arm, saying, "Don’t go in the kitchen, baby, that’s not me."


The local projects has a missing children problem, with fliers all over, including in a sinister kitchen with flesh decomposing on the counter, as the sound of a knife sharpening is heard.

Meanwhile, a pair of friends named Khalil and Marcus walk along discussing homework, the former simply not doing it. Not far away from them is a young girl called May Nguyen, sitting alone with her unicorn stuffed animal, who watches as a strange bureaucrat sticks his blackened tongue out at her. However, the man is distracted by a woman complaining about city hall, so he walks behind a wall, and out the other side walks a shriveled woman with black ichor dripping from her mouth.

Bureaucrat demon staring at May Nguyen until he's accosted by a woman

Frightened, May runs away and runs into Khalil and Marcus, becoming their friend. The two boys seem entirely aware of demons walking around wearing adult faces. They train her briefly in how to avoid them or to defend herself, but they pronounce that she's doomed to die when they realize how bad she is at playing basketball. Marcus insists she drop her unicorn so she can be more effective, but she refuses, as it was the last thing her mom gave her before dying. Khalil defends her, but offends Marcus in the process, who leaves and is promptly snatched by a demon.

Khalil, detesting the cops, insists they go after Marcus without help from qualified professionals. While Marcus tries to escape (succeeding only in finding a heap of children's clothes), Khalil and May suit up with garlic, holy water, everything needed to make like Buffy. May agrees to go for help if Khalil doesn't make it out of the house, which they tracked down with Find My. Even as Khalil breaks in, a concerned neighbor calls the cops.

The demon, preparing for a meal, comments on how delicious Marcus looks, who is currently tied up and unable to escape. Khalil, unable to stealthily free Marcus, suddenly gets his chance when the demon is called away by a knock at the door. The person knocking, against her word, is May herself:

Why are you doing this? Why do you want to hurt kids?
Well, grown ups upset my stomach. Too tough. Besides, they’re no fun. I like to play with my food!

The demon tries to grab May, but touches "mama", her unicorn, and is immediately burned, allowing Khalil (with a freed Marcus) to stake the demon with a stick. Everyone then flees, at first from the demon, and then from the angry neighbor screaming, "the police are on their way you little monsters!"

They make it back to safety, with Marcus going home and May going with Khalil to his house. However, before they can make it to the kitchen where they hear Tania's voice emanating, Tania drags them all into a side room, panicking at the doppelgänger of herself in the kitchen. Shortly, the demon arrives and Tania attacks it, resulting in a confusing melee. May, seeing this and remembering the earlier altercation, shoves mama into the demon's mouth, which begins to choke and glow a sickly green. At length, the demon swallows the entire stuffed animal, the green light crescendoes, and the demon vanishes in a flash of green-white light.

Police demon

With only an ash stain left from the last demon, the three children play in the park, believing themselves to be safe; but just behind them, in the guise of a police officer, is yet another black-mouthed demon.