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Legacy is the third episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 15, 2019.


"I will never leave you," my husband whispered as he climbed into bed last night.
I woke up gasping as the suit he was buried in twisted around my neck.


A small boy runs around a house with an older woman named Ma and a middle aged woman named Angela, but neither women seem able to perceive this boy. Eventually, Angela is mysteriously choked by her own necklace by a seemingly invisible person, a ghost that only the small boy can see. She survives only because the necklace chain breaks before it can suffocate her.

When Angela goes downstairs to see her mother-in-law, the old woman, tending an altar to Angela's deceased husband Jin, it's revealed that Jin was abusive to Angela in life and that his ghost continues to abuse her even now. The next morning Jin tries to kill her once again, with the small boy hiding and watching this happen. When this episode ends, the older woman reveals Harold, a psychic she brought to purge Jin's spirit from the house.

Harold puts on a séance and soon sees Jin, and rushes to Angela to defend her even as Jin races him toward the woman. Just before they reach her, the lights cut out and Harold is revealed to have been killed by Jin. Angela and her mother-in-law run, with the small boy urging them on, but Jin catches up to them and begins abusing Angela again. At length, the boy becomes enraged and blasts Jin away while the women take refuge in the bathroom.


Angela laments that Jin was a good man when he wasn't drinking, and her mother-in-law reveals that she knew about his abuse, and couldn't bring herself to say anything. Refusing to stand aside any longer, she addresses Jin, revealing to Angela that she and Jin were abused by Jin's own father, and that the older woman never said anything, allowing her son to become just like his father. At this point it becomes clear that the small boy is in fact a younger, abused Jin, and the malevolent ghost is the older man Jin became. With his mother's admission, the two Jins merge into a single, healthier man.

At peace, Jin remains idle in the center of the house, gazing at an heirloom, even as the women pack up and leave. It's only when they leave for the last time that he realizes that they abandoned him, at which point he screams, "Come back! Don’t leave me here!"


  • Wai Ching Ho as Ma
  • Kim Wong as Angela
  • Suo Liu as Harold
  • Fan Du as adult Jin
  • Benjamin Ye as child Jin