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Keisha is an office worker who's roofied and unknowingly given a dose of tape worm eggs.


The episode follows Keisha and her attempts to figure out what has happened to her after a particularly raucous office party, where she woke up without recollection of what happened, with only a note alluding to something having been put inside her. The trauma of uncertainty, violation, and intestinal discomfort sends Keisha into a downward spiral. When a second note arrives, she starts having hallucinations of worms everywhere, including worms emerging from her arms and mouth.

Eventually her sensitivity hits a peak when she violently assaults a coworker for simply putting a hand on her shoulder. However, when her boss, Doug, has a one-on-one with her about her performance and the assault, she realizes that he was the one who put tapeworms inside her and other of her coworkers. In vengeance, she puts his own tape worm eggs in his coffee, and subjects him to the same hell that she endured.