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Imposter is the fourth episode of the second season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on January 19, 2021.


I work so hard.
By the time I notice I’m killing myself, it’s too late.


Charles Dimakulangan is a high-achieving corporate worker set to receive the Coburn Prize for his performance. Further, he's set to marry Jen Spencer, the daughter of the executive, and he is first introduced sealing a sale and generally excelling. After a brief disagreement with Jen and Bradley about a racial comment Bradley made, Charles diffuses the situation and returns home. There, his sister Tala wants him to work less, to spend more time with his ailing mother, and also to wear a ceremonial Tagalog talisman from his mother. Charles, however, doesn't want to wear such a gaudy thing and wants to focus on joining the corporate board.

Things become stranger when he actually touches the talisman, having a sudden vision of his own death, but when he resurfaces his sister continues that he should care more for his mother, Darna. Darna herself arrives at this point and admonishes Tala to support Charles rather than criticize him, but suddenly has an Alzheimer's moment and forgets who Charles is, slapping him, thinking him to be an intruder. He agrees to wear the talisman, but it stains his shirt, so he leaves it. Left alone, it emits a strange orange smoke which removes Charles from a picture with himself and other kids — at the same man, a strange man in traditional garb is now seen watching Charles.

Charles at the party

After some pep from his fiancée Jen, Charles attends a small party with her father and other corporate workers, joking amicably with them before leaving briefly to get alcohol. However, in the parking lot the has a run in with the strange man, who moves to attack Charles, but hesitates and allows Charles to run away in terror. His sister meets him and is concerned, but he discards her concerns and goes to the ceremony to accept the Coburn Prize — only to see the strange man taking the reward in his place.

The man, wearing his traditional garb, is laughed at. He starts speaking in Tagalog, which eventually angers Jen's father and prompts him to stop the farce. However, the imposter throws him to the ground and goes to stab him with the Coburn Prize, only to stop and instead leave. Charles, having witnessed himself be publicly humiliated by this strange man in his place, hunts after the imposter, only for the imposter to come up behind him as he tries to open an elevator after him.

Imposter (left) and Charles (right)

The two duel briefly until Darna arrives, who recognizes the imposter as Charles, not Charles himself. She admonishes the imposter for the talisman being broken, which was around his neck, and admonishes him to be true to himself and his roots. When she hears the real Charles speaking Tagalog, she speaks about him as if he was Charles' friend, then leaves the two together to talk. The imposter then looks to Charles and gives him the amulet as Charles demands answers. However, rather than some kind of resolution, Charles smashes the amulet and stabs the imposter to death.

When everyone at last arrives, they look at the imposter in sadness, mourning Charles' death even as he stands there looking down at his body.