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Holly is a hallucination of Patrick's dead wife, appearing in "Instinct".


Holly first manifests before Anika when she suspects that Patrick might have murdered his wife, appearing in an illusion of Patrick choking her to death with a stool. She continually urges Anika to investigate Patrick, suggesting that he stabbed her to death by taking the form of a stab victim. Eventually Anika starts ignoring Holly, but she never lets up with the suggestions that Patrick is a murderer. At length, while Anika is cleaning up Patrick's blood from a dropped wine glass, Anika's paranoia gets the better and she finally agrees to Holly urgent orders that she leave, overriding Anika's protestations that she needed the money for rent.

Patrick, displeased that his wall hasn't been finished being painted, tries to object, but Holly urges Anika to go through him, so she pepper-sprays him and moves on. After an incident with the police, Anika finally gives in to her instincts and knocks over a picture frame, looking for evidence, but finds nothing. After the cops leave, it turns out that behind the frame were pictures of Patrick's murdered wife. Patrick tries to kill Anika, but she kills him first, and the hallucination of Holly returns, vindicated.