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Hide is the fourth episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 15, 2019.


Knock, knock, I heard.
But the monsters had already found their way inside.


The story follows Araceli Gomez, a hispanic nanny for the rich Smythe family, hired to watch over Gracie Smythe, to teach her Spanish, and also to care for Mrs. Smythe's ailing father. One day, while Mr. and Mrs. Smythe go out for the evening, a pair of young vigilante women Madison Ainsley and Ann Watkins invade the house and attempt to kill everyone inside, being angry with the "boring" rich white neighborhood they themselves grew up in. They stalk through the house even as Araceli tries to keep an apparently autistic Gracie from screaming at being touched, trying to hide from the intruders.

While the young women manage to find Mrs. Smythe's ailing father and brutally murder him in his sickbed, and think they have a good location on Gracie and Araceli, not all is as it seems. They split up to go after each, only for Araceli to stab Ann Watkins to death even as Madison finds Gracie hiding under a blanket. Madison gets a torch to burn Gracie alive, but when she returns to the upright set of blankets, Gracie isn't underneath them anymore — but Araceli is underneath the bed, and promptly stabs Madison in the foot. Madison doubles up in pain, allowing Araceli to clobber her into unconsciousness.

Police arrive and sort out the mess. In the aftermath, Araceli is hailed as a hero by the Smythes and the media for defending Gracie from the invaders, and Madison is imprisoned for murder. While listening to the news, Aracelli heard knocking on the front door. She went and check using the peep hole and saw ICE agents waiting outside.