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Gentleman is the first episode of the first season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on August 8, 2019.


She was stiff and cold in my arms.
Then the doll blinked.


Hana goes on a date with Ken, which initially goes quite poorly, until he learns that she's a mom. He's delighted, and when a coworker comes by he holds her baby and proves to be exceptional at comforting them. They decide on another date, and Hana returns to a strange doll house, sending him an encouraging text message. He receives it at another woman's house, who has a child of her own. He declares that she is a bad mother for trying to raise a baby alone, and when she becomes offended, he murders her, comforts her baby, and then reports an abandoned child.

On the next date, Ken reveals that his father wasn't a part of his life, and his mother kept bringing in guys she dated, leaving him alone. She begins to become concerned, but he brushes it off and just says he wishes to be a good father. Afterword, on a walk, they kiss, but Hana wants to slow it down. This enrages Ken, prompting him to grab her and call her a bitch, and luckily a passerby prevents him from going further.

Hana returns home and soon blocks Ken's texts the next day, annoyed by his constant messaging and calls. He tries to meet her at a coffee shop, so she ghosts him there, only for him to show up at work as a client. She manages to end the day and return home, terrified, only to be woken up by him in her bed. He criticizes her for working and dating rather than exclusively focusing on her baby. He then drags her down the hallway, incapacitating her when she tries to fight back against him going into the baby's room.

He arrives at the crib, but is surprised to see the baby is in fact a doll. In his moment of surprise, Hana stabs him in the back with a pair of scissors. Apparently, unable to have a child of her own, her baby is the doll. She steps on the scissors to finish Ken off, then notes to herself that every baby needs a family.


  • Nicole Kang as Hana
  • Jim Parrack as Ken