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Fix is the sixth episode of the second season of Two Sentence Horror Stories, which aired on January 26, 2021.


My sister needs to talk.
She’s been so angry since she died.


Jackson has a dream of his dead parents on a swing set, and of his addict sister being attacked by insects. He awakens next to Reza, who suggests that Jackson forgive Sofia and make up their differences. At length, he agrees to go see his sister at their family's cabin. Once there, he makes himself at home, but notices a strange person crab walking in a mirror, only to be surprised by his sister, Sofia, behind him.

Jackson tries to reconcile, to forgive her, but she gently mocks him, asking whether he'll forgive her, but he snaps briefly accuses her of selling an important pocket-watch. He checks himself, but notices her scratching her arms and asks if she's been using heroin. She fires back that she's never been more sober, and that there are other methods of "(taking) away pain", implying that she's been cutting her wrists. She accuses him of viewing her as simply a mess, calls him a hypocrite, then leaves.

Do it. Or there will be consequences.

Returning to his room to unpack, Jackson discovers a strange satanic book, and when Sofia comes in he offers to help her. However, she claims that "he" is helping her, and wants to talk about Jackson instead, but he says that whoever "he" is sounds like "bad news". He then calls Reza and brings him up to speed before getting a shower — where the water turns to blood, which turns out to be an illusion. Unnerved, Jackson goes downstairs and hears a demonic voice ordering Sofia about, smashing things inside her room, and Sofia cries out just as Jackson manages to smash the door down.

Inside is nothing bug a sigil, which causes Jackson to pass out. He's dragged away, and wakes up next to a picture with his own eyes gouged out of the frame. He confronts Sofia, who claims that she found the children of Flauros, and that Flauros can help can "fix" Jackson too. As if to illustrate the value of this fix, she then bites right into a dinner of maggots. Jackson stops her and tries to leave the house with her, but she laughs at him the whole way as the exits in the house all lock themselves.

I didn't think things were this bad. I thought that you were doing ok.
[Sofia pulls Jackson's pockmarked wrist out]
Like you are now?

Sofia twists his wrist to force him to let go, so he flees upstairs to his room. Sofia yells at him from the other side of the door, urging him to "get past your pain", chiding him for refusing to confront it, even as memories of flashing lights and powdered drugs play before his eyes. Suddenly, Sofia stops with the accusations and begs for help. He apologizes for not helping her before, claiming he thought she was doing fine, but she tells him to stop pretending like he himself is doing any better, shoving him down the stairs.

Sofia then puts him into a ritual, and his eyes nearly begin to glow like hers, but he holds true to his faith and dispels the effects. He then puts his cross onto Sofia, which eventually expels Flauros. They wake up the next day, next to each other, with both siblings trying to take blame for what befell them and their family. Jackson insists that because he used heroin first it's what got her into it, and promises to be there for her going forward, but she suddenly coughs out several insects and dies.

Reza comforts Jackson

Reza arrives and discover's Jackson in the midst of heroin usage, sitting next to Sofia's week-old corpse. He brings Jackson to the hospital, surmising that Jackson found Sofia's corpse and snapped, relapsing. Jackson's own memories resurface of himself walking in on her corpse, seeing that she overdosed a week ago, and then began using right next to her body, mumbling about never letting her go.