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Desi was an elderly Haitian woman and a practicer of voodoo. She appears in "Only Child".

"Only Child"[]

Desi's mother was killed by the Tonton Macoute in Haiti, under the rule of Papa Doc Duvalier. Desi then left for America and had a family there, a son named John who married Emily and then had Rex, Desi's grandson. Desi lived with John, although when she tried to create a shrine in the house to ward away evil, Rex began mocking it and telling her that she was crazy because of her experience seeing her mother's death.

Rex continues to harass Desi, forcing her face into a smile with his hand for pictures, and his parents prevent her from disciplining him. Rex then destroys her shrine, and in apology, puts on a "presentation" about Haiti. In it, he praises Duvalier and continues to taunt Desi, claiming to control his parents. Desi then tries to banish the evil from Rex, but is prevented by his parents, who lock her outside without her inhaler. Her family then watch her as she has an asthma attack and dies.