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Araceli Gomez is an undocumented immigrant, mother, and nanny.


Araceli is hired by the Smythe family to watch over their daughter, Gracie Smythe, while they go out for the evening. She cleans and watches over Gracie, taking a lighter from her before she can burn herself, although this causes Gracie to panic and scream hysterically. Later, while Araceli takes care of Mrs. Smythe’s father, Madison Ainsley (wearing yellow) and Ann Watkins (wearing red) trick Gracie into letting them enter the house.

Araceli tells Gracie to hide and screams for a neighbor to help, but he simply goes back into his house even as Mrs. Smythe's Father is stabbed to death. Left without help, Araceli hides and then ambushes Ann Watkins, stabbing her to death. She then props up some blankets to make it appear like Gracie, and when Madison goes to attack it, Araceli stabs her from beneath the bed and knocks her unconscious. In the aftermath, she's hailed as a hero by the community and by the Smythe family.

Shortly afterward, ICE arrives at her house, and she now tells her biological children to hide.