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Anika is an aspiring horror author and menial laborer who appears in "Instinct".


Anika goes to paint Patrick's house for rent money, but is soon plagued with paranoia and hallucinations speaking about Patrick being a murder. She finds strange syringes and masks in his house to reinforce these conspiracies, and eventually a hallucination of his dead wife, Holly, begins urging her to spy on Patrick to figure out what he's hiding. She puts the visions aside, working furiously painting the wall, but they continue to plague her until Patrick interrupts her to offer some lunch.

She turns down wine, and becomes even more suspicious when he seems to know about her vegetarianism without her ever mentioning it. She has him look for smart water while looking at a gun in his house, only to hear a crash and him fall, asking for help. She arrives to find a wine glass broken and Patrick's blood all over the floor, which he asks her to clean up. While she does so, Patrick keeps making lunch behind her, mentioning that she couldn't hurt a thing. This sets her paranoia to jangling and, eventually, she can't take it anymore; she decides to leave without finishing Patrick's wall.

When Patrick objects to the unfinished job, she pepper sprays him and flees, only to run straight into the police that she called. They immediately finger her as the assailant, demanding she hand over the pepper spray, but she instead follows her instincts and knocks over a painting that she believed to have evidence behind it. There was nothing, so the cops take the pepper spray, but don't arrest her because Patrick smoothes things over and insists he won't press charges, sparing her.

As the cops depart, Patrick tells her she should have listened to her instincts, signaling for her to look down — on the other side of the frame are a collage of pictures of his dead wife, killed. He goes to attack her, but she manages to stab him to death first.