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Adaora Aduba is a spiritual African woman and Eneh Aduba's twin sister. She appears in "Ibeji".


Adaora leaves the door open after setting up her shrine one night, making Eneh think that an intruder had entered the house. She notices Adaora and they both frighten each other, relaxing. Adaora insists that Eneh shouldn't work so hard, with her actual work paired with a nursing degree as well. Eneh brushes this aside, and later teases Adaora about her shrine, before they both read the start of a Night Time Tales book about twin brothers who could communicate telepathically — even from beyond the grave. At this point Adaora has a headache and retires for the evening.

In the middle of the night, Adaora has a seizure and is rushed by Eneh to the hospital, where she soon has another seizure and enters a permanent vegetative state. She's taken to a hospice, where she's just barely able to move her finger once to communicate with Adaora, but nothing else. In the day, Eneh visits her. In the night, a strange demon harasses the old lady across the room, with Adaora lying helpless and unable to respond.

When the demon completely kills the old lady, Adaora uses her connection to her sister to force her body to open a book to the page where the brother asked to be let into his twin's mind. Understanding this, Eneh opens her mind to Adaora, and sees the demon coming for her. Adaora sits helplessly as the demon begins to kill her, until Eneh possesses her and together they fight off the demon, using Adaora's body to do so. Ability is then split between the twins, with Eneh using a cane and Adaora at least returned to lucidity and upper body motor control.